Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Late Fall Outings

Sorry, I haven't posted much in the last month.  Did I go fishing?  Well, I am at 130 days so far this year.  I guess I have slowed down, after all I am a retired old......!

The leaves were turning in October.  This is a shot of the backwaters of Tippy Dam.

This is one of the first pike of the fall.  We were planning on getting some fish in their fall feeding frenzy but haven't found the frenzy yet.

This is in front of Loomis Landing.  This is why you have to take time out from fishing and notice the surroundings.  The wind didn't kick up until after 10:00 am.

What a thrill to have the pike up close to the boat and think he is ready to land.  Not yet, says Mr. Pikey!

The rubber landing net works well to land the fish and prevent hooks tangling in the net.

Now, we have switched down to the Manistee River just below Tippy Dam.  My brother, Gary, is into a salmon.  It is late for salmon but a few are still hanging around.  It was a little chilly but Gary was hot, hot, hot!

Yes, the spinner is in the jaws so it was a fair caught salmon.  I explained to Gary that this fish is in it's final spawning run and you just did "coitus interruptus" for this fish.  Gary released the fish to fulfill it's destiny.

This is the morning of November 5th.  Winter's first reminder of things to come.  It didn't last long but it was the first snow of the year.  Time to check the snow blower!

What do we do when it snows up north, we go fishing!  This is Guy fishing in the snow.  It was a little cold but we could still see a few fish.

The first brown trout of the fall.  They are only about 14" but they are fat.  They feast on the salmon eggs and get fat little bellys. 

This was a nice 16" brown.  I was using my 6 weight rod and he gave me a nice battle.  I see that he hit the white streamer pattern.

The weather cleared and the fall weather was back.   So let's go fishing.....

It is back to the backwaters again.  We are bound and determined to find this fall feeding frenzy.  Maybe today.....

First we try trolling some Walleye divers.  Maybe a walleye, maybe a pike.

If you click on the picture, it will enlarge it.  Notice the tall tree stump and fish?  I managed to hit four of these deadheads and lost 4 Cabelas Walleye Divers!  Lucky I bought the 6 pack!  I am going to PA for Thanksgiving so I'll stop at Cabelas on the way.  It always makes my trip 2 hours longer to PA!!!

Yup, we have been fishing every day and hope to make 6-7 days in a row.  Back at the Manistee, Guy has a salmon hooked to his spoon.  How did that happen?  I think Guy went 1 landed for 4 on the hook!  They are still strong and give a good fight.  All salmon caught on this blog entry were released to live again in their natural environment.  No fish was seriously injured to make this blog!

The next day we were back on the Manistee.  No pictures.  Why, you might ask?  I left the memory card in the computer on the last download and had my camera on the stream but no memory card!  Duh!!

This is Nov. 10 and we decided to try Portage Lake one last time.  Maybe a feeding frenzy here???  Guy has on his thermal underware, two jackets and is fishing hard.  I didn't dress so warm and can feel the 12-15 mile an hour wind from the east.

There aren't any other boats out on the lake today.  I wonder why?  They might miss the feeding frenzy!

The east wind is picking up a little.  No fish yet.  When does this feeding frenzy start?  The fish better make up their minds pretty soon or they are going hungry this winter when the water freezes over.  Luckily we have the whole lake to our selves.  Why aren't other fisherman out?

Well, that is that!  We did make it back to the dock as the waves stared kicking up.  Not one bite!  It still was a good outing.  It sure beats staying at home, or working, or sleeping, or cleaning, or cooking, or...........

Meanwhile, I slipped to the basement on my return to check on my ice fishing gear.  Yup, it is ready!  I still plan to fish tomorrow in the river.  Those fish might be in a feeding frenzy.....................