Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer MI Shots

Ok, I've been lacking in my posts.  Somehow life got in the way.  It has been a busy, fun summer.  Here are some random summer shots with a few quips.

First trip out to South Fox Island Lighthouse to trim the property and check for damage.  Everything was in great shape. 

Donald, Phil, Drew, John, and John were the work crew for this trip.  We mowed grass and pulled small trees that were invading the footpaths.
The new dingy with a hard bottom works great getting us from the anchored boat to the shore.
Phil mowing the grass around the property.
John trimming back the brush.
The Islander done for the day with the dingy on back.  We put in and out of Northport, MI.

The Fox Island Lighthouse Association (FILA) puts up a summer booth at many of the Traverse City area festivals.  Suttons Bay was one festival where we did some "friend raising".
I took this picture of a young girl catching her first steelhead off the Manistee Pier in late July.  She was so excited.
Watching a barge come in the channel was a sight to watch.  The fishing boats had to move out of the way.
Daughter, Molly, and Joey from Louisiana came up for their annual kayak trip down the Manistee River.
This is just our warm up.  We also hit the Jordan River . 
 The Jordan River kayak trip was a Stauffer Family affair.  We had 7 people going down the river and shooting the tubes.
You have to pick which tube you are going through and both are fast water.
A fun day on the Jordan River.
Kenny (Louisiana) has his first salmon on!  He is using a fly rod and has his hands full of action from the fish.
I am holding Kenny's and my fish.  We both caught salmon using a black leech fly.
Kenny riding the Kaleva Grasshopper!  One of the Manistee Cultural Stops!
Making a pig of our selves.  Seven scoops of ice cream at House of Flavors.
 There you have it!  Some shots of summer in Michigan.