Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skiing Up North

I decided to go downhill skiing as the weather was nice and it wasn't blowing!  Caberfae is only about 17 minutes from my house and I have a seasons pass!  You can't beat the $99 season pass for Monday - Fridays.

This is the entrance area where you get your ticket and the sign says only 85 miles north of Grand Rapids.

This is the back of the Main Lodge where you can get ready for skiing or get something to eat.  I leave my ski bag in here by the fireplace.

Here is the hill map.  You have to start out in front and work your way over to more advanced runs.

I usually ski alone and just recently got a name of a person to ski with.  I decided to just do a couple of hours today.

This is the view first view of the first slope.  The base is solid and a light snow covering the base.  I keep wishing for more snow but we haven't had a lot.  Last year we got 185" of snow.

This is the middle slope and looking left or west to the Black Diamond hill.  The fence is to stop you from even thinking about skiing down this side of the hill.

Here is another shot of the middle hill.  I took this shot from the chair lift.  The seat gets pretty high in the air.

This is not on the ground!  I'll try to get another shot from higher up the lift.

This shot shows you are above the trees!  I remember have a safety bar when I was younger but they have eliminated that from the modern lifts.  Don't lean forward!

You think the little pole and rope would keep you from falling over...think again.  The hill was built up during the contruction phase and it is a high hill with steep sides. Keep away from the edges children.

I meet some neat people on the 5 minute ride to the top every time.  Most are from downstate and just here for the day.  I am lucky to live so close.

This is on top of the Black Diamond Run. It is pretty steep.  The view at the top is great.  You can see for miles.    I love to ski at night to see the surrounding lights.

I am very careful and ski within my ability.  I am alone and have to drive home by myself so I enjoy myself but remember that I don't heal as fast as the kids that ski here.

You can see the snow machines that they make their own snow with when the weather doesn't cooperate.  The hill is in great shape.  I just heard that about 400 school kids are due here by 4:00 pm.  Lots of schools have ski trips here during the week and some schools have races and ski meets so I try to schedule around them!

OK, last ride up and get one more good run in before I call it quits.

A great day of broken bones...... Priceless!

Next month I fly out to Salt Lake City to ski several areas.  First time out there and I'm looking forward to some great skiing.  So, in the meantime, I'll just practice a couple of times a week for the trip.  Hope the ride up the hill is shorter than the ride down!

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