Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Second Fish Camp of 2010 - Fish Camp ll Duh, part 1

The First Fish Camp was over Sunday morning and Fish Camp ll was to start at 2:00 PM..  Not much time to recover but I don't have to clean up, it is Fish Camp!

Here are the next patch of professional anglers to attend Don's Legendary Fish Camp.  These guys are ready to hit the water.     Chris, Jim, Gary, and Mikey-Pikey in their gear.                                                                 

Sunday afternon we headed down to Tippy Dam.  We walked down Cardiac Hill with those 200+ steps.      The small trout were biting and we caught a few.  Then it was back home to Chris's Spaghetti Dinner.                  


Not too far from shore but in a good spot, maybe the elusive trout will bite. Jim is ready for the next hungry trout.                                                                                                                                                        

This spot looks good.  After a few hours of fishing the next day, Chris finds a nice spot to sit and fish.  Mikey is in the background.  The second day we fished the gravel bars found the fish ready to hit our flies.     We didn't see many steelhead on the beds but we did get a  few nice brown trout and   rainbows.                       


*Remember to click on any picture to enlarge it! 

Here is a picture of a trout in the gravel.  The water was clear and you could watch the fish and see the behavior of the fish.                                                                                                                            

The weather was good and the fishing was slow.  It was nice just to set around the front yard and tell stories about how great the fishing was.  This was in the afternoon of the second day and right before the next afternoon outing.  Tonight would be Gary's Pulled Pork dinner.  He put a pork loin roast into the crockpot and covered it with Root Beer and turned it on for 6-7 hours.  Then he drained the Root Beer off and flaked off the pork and put hot Bar-B-Que sauce over it.  It really is simple and very tasty.                           


While we waited for the dinner to cook, it was back to the stream for more fishing.  Gary is out a little deeper and fishing a nice drop off.  Note the boat that is silently drifting down behind Gary.  You don't see or hear them until they drift right behind you and it does tend to startle you!                                                

Another trout comes to hand.  The steelhead are hiding or busy reproducing, which is what they are suppose to do at this time.  I always feel bad to interfere with is like coitis interruptus!                      

Jim is changing his fly trying to find the hot one for day.  The trees haven't come out yet but the hill side is starting to get some color.  You can see the fisherman on the other side of the river, upstreaqm from us.  They were catching a few steelhead from time to time.  It always looks better on the other side of the river. Any way it was time to head back for the Pulled  Pork  dinner.                                                                 


The next day was our last day of Fish Camp ll.  After all, someone has to go to work to keep our Social Security checks coming in!  We headed back to the gravel bars.                                                             

Gary waded half way across the river and was using a small silver spoon and getting fish almost every cast.  Of course, he didn't share with Mikey-Pikey.  Hearing a hoot from Mikey-Pikey, we saw that he had a fish on.                                                                                                                                                          

I was fishing below Gary, and Jim and Chris were fishing closer to the shore.  I spotted a Hen Steelhead on the gravel and a couple of smaller fish below her.  I threw my fly past the hen and stripped it across between the hen and the males.  On the second or third drift, I caught one of the males.  He gave me a real battle.  I was using my 5/6 weight  fly rod instead of my 8 weight rod.  I had trouble getting the fish out of the deeper water and up on the gravel bar.  It was fun to fight the fish and he wanted to get back to the female.                                                        

This 20" male steelhead was fresh from the lake and had wound the line around my boot as I tried to get this picture.  I stand to lose my fish, break my line, and drop my camera trying to land this nice fish. 

You can see my 2" silver minnow streaqmer in his jaw.  What a nice fight.  I released him so I would have good Karma.                                                                                                                                        

We only fished the morning of the third day and had some of Jim's turkey and ham sandwiches before they all had to pack up and head out.  It is only 6 more months to the Fall Salmon Camp!                                

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