Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pastel Art

I recently received a lesson in Soft Pastel art from a friend I showed how to make glass beads. I have to try to learn how to draw and shade the colors of my picture.

First I bought a simple travel pastel kit to start with.  It only had 12 colors and it got me started.

I used a pencil to sketch a picture for my first pastel drawing.  Amy showed me how to look at light and the sight line and perspective and so much more that I was happy just to complete my first picture.

Other than the flash spot, it was my first crude picture.

Next, I started a still life pencil sketch.

Yes, it is a pear and an apple!

After a few drawings, I knew I needed more help.  I ordered a few books on pastels and saw they were offering a class in Manistee.

I went to a couple of classes and started practicing.  My instructor said to use photos we took ourselves.

I tried to copy this but have to work on it.

This is not easy!  Now I have to learn to shade and watch my light source.

Now I have enough colors to do some serious shading.

I learned how to make paper pencils for shading called torchons by rolling wet paper or paper towels around a toothpick and allowing it to dry.  This is used to blend in the pastels.  You can always use your fingers but you have to keep the fingers clean in between to not smear your picture.                                              

I tried several types of paper.  I quickly found out that pastels require a special paper with a lot of "tooth" to hold the pigment.

I try to draw and paint every other day so I'll have something to work on in my pastel class.

This one will need the teacher's help.

I wonder what she will say about this one?  I hope you can tell it was a pinecone!!!!

This landscape needs some work in the foreground.

I don't know what this is.  Maybe a thistle?

This was my last painting.  I'll miss class next week as I am going to Slippery Rock.  I'll take some pictures!

The class has helped me to open my eyes to my surroundings and look for a picture.  What do you think?

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