Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Sports

What to do in Winter "Up North?"  It does get a little slow when the ice and snow comes and stays.  I did fish a few days but the snow has slowed me down.  I started checking the newspaper for things to do.  Boys and girls basketball is starting.

I went to the Brethren girls BB game last week and enjoyed it. This week, Brethren boys were playing Manistee Catholic Central. 

The Brethren Bobcats Junior Varsity fought a tough battle but didn't win.

Number 4, Gary Lodin, has a brother, Eddie Lodin, on the varsity.

The game was close but the Bobcats couldn't catch up. The final score was Bobcats 38 and the Sabers 47.

The pep band was comprised of students from both schools.  I thought that was a nice idea.

The Brethren Bobcats had only 6 members suited up for the game.  One boy had torn his ACL, and 3-4 boys didn't make their grades so it was going to be a long night for the Bobcats.

You can see all 6 Bobcats in the white uniforms.  Everyone would play in rotation in this game.

The local newspaper had printed a release that the boys team wanted  people to bring in mittens, hats, scarfs, and jackets for youth in the area.  It stated that when the hometown Bobcats scored their first field goal, the crowd would throw the winter items onto the court.

The team was ready.  Roddy MacNeil, the local bagpiper and baseball star, hits a nice practice shot.

The game was ready to begin.

The boys get ready for the National Anthem.

The cheerleaders were ready also.

The tip off was ready and the game will start.  It was nice to see the cheerleaders actually cheering for the team.  At some schools, cheerleading is just a sport and they don't cheer a games.  I like the old idea better.

Manistee scored first and finally  Brethren hit their first field goal and suddendly winter clothing was in the air and on the floor.  No technical foul, just a great community project the boys BB team got together.  Everyone helped to round up the winter wear.

It was nice to even see the local mascot helping out!

Manistee got ahead by over 12 points but the Bobcats kept fighting back.  Manistee had 10 players and they could keep fresh players in the game.  Manistee had Nick Doyle, a great forward who could really jump and score.

The Bobcats were getting tired.  JR Theodore, the tall, lanky center, hit some threes and several baskets to keep the game close.

Somehow, the score was tied at the end of the game and now it was a 4 minute overtime.

It was fun to watch a boys BB game where they still ran plays, not just 'run and gun'.

The overtime resulted in Manistee getting the lead right down to the last few seconds.

The Bobcats were getting tired and time was running out.

Four seconds to go and the Bobcats down by 2 points.  Guess we know what the plan will be as time resumes.

The ball goes in and the point guard, Eddie Lodin, big brother to the VJ point guard, throws up a 3 from the top of the key.  Going, going, .................

The Brethren Bobcats win in overtime by one point,   having never been ahead in the scoring.  They only had 6 players, they organized a community clothing event, the cheerleaders were cheering and the small town supported their players.  I love old fashion, small town basketball.  I guess there is something to do on a cold winters night!

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