Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Night Time Fishing Trip

Ok, I had to go to Traverse City for a board meeting and I decided I would be done about 6:30 pm.  Sure enough, right on time, meeting over!

Now to hurry to my favorite night time fishing spot.  I hope I packed everything.  After stopping for a quick fast-food dinner, 45 minutes later I arrived at the parking spot,.  There were 6 cars and I could see lights out on the frozen lake.  I unpacked all my gear into the portable, one-man ice shanty and started down to the lake.  Gee, the rest of the shanties were only out about  20-30 yards from shore.  The snow on top of the ice made it a little soft and it did firm up as I walked out.  It was dark and I started my lantern.  Next I started to fire up my gas ice auger.  Somebody shouted at me "the ice is only 2 1/2" thick , use my hand auger".  Great, I borrowed their auger and zipped right through the two holes.  It had 5" of water on top.  As I was setting up, I knocked over the Coleman single mantle gas lantern.  It almost started a fire and then went out.  It wouldn't run.  Darn, it is dark.  I used my small flashlight to set the fish finder in the hole and lowered the night light 15 feet down the hole.

Next, I baited up one rod with two hooks and got out the wax worms.  I pulled the top of the shanty down.

I could just barely see my rod tip from the light off of the fish finder.  I am going to try it.

Bang! A bite in just 3 minutes of fishing.

These little smelt were caught on wax worms.  I started catching a couple when I put the bait down to where I could see the smelt on the fish finder.  They were at about 25 feet in 30 foot of water.  I would watch the bait descend and stop it right above the fish on the fish finder and bang.

It was really dark inside the shanty without my lantern.  I fished for two hours and missed a lot of bites.

I saved a couple smelt to use on the tipup tomorrow and cleaned the rest.  I will have to get a light before I go out for smelt again and I need more smelt to make a meal.  I have a plan to re-wire a shop clamp-on light  with a RV bulb to my 12V trolling battery.  I'll let you know how that idea works next time.

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