Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Started!

I am going to try to keep up a blog about my life 'Up North" and fishing. Today, I was going to launch my driftboat but decided against it at the river. Going to place I could wade fish sounder safer!

I decided to take the spinning rod and some fresh egg sacs and hiked into the area on the Manistee River across from the Handicap Pier. One fly fisherman was already there. I felt guilty for not bringing my fly rod, but decided to try my luck. In a few drifts I managed to catch several nice brown trout. Later I caught two rainbows that really put up a fight. The highlight of the day was hooking into a salmon for a few seconds. He took off and my 6 # leader snapped.

It was nice to be on the water and I decided that I have to just enjoy the experience and not worry about which fishing method I am using. I usually fish with my fly rod and flies. Today was a fun day catching and releasing 8-10 trout. A light rain started just as I ran out of egg sacs. As I was wading out a man in a wheelchair on the pier yelled at me about the fish I was catching. He wanted to know if I caught as many as I did yesterday. "Yes, I said! I released them and had one nice salmon on for a few seconds".

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  1. You have found your "meditation". One does not have to sit to practice. You can meditate while gardening, walking, sewing and knitting to mention a few. Any repetitive practice like 'casting' can and does take you to your special place. I wish you many many happy days of caring for and enjoying your river.