Monday, August 31, 2009

Squirrel or Racoon?

I have been having a problem with my bird feeer station.  It is located on the tree next to the front window. I have a suet holder, one squirrel-proof bird seed feeder, a finch seed bag , and one hummingbird feeder.  I enjoy watching the feeder from my window as I work  play on the computer.  Twice in the last three days, I have found the hummingbird feeder on the ground empty with the litttle yellow plastic flowers out.  I suspect the squirrel over a racoon.

I know you are not suppose to use red hummingbird syrup but I made a mistake and bought one package.  It is almost gone. I saw two squirrels in recent days; one a grey squirrel and one a black squirrel./  I've warned these critters several times to stay away from my feeders.  They're just like kids.  They don't listen.  So.....I got out my pellet gun.  I tried scaring them after I warned them, but no they wouldn't listen.  I shot at the squirrel as he dangled upside down on the finchbag.  Only scared him off for a day. 
So another day goes by and bamb... the hummingbird feeder is down and drained and apart.    I do enjoy my feeders.  I have a cardinal, two finches, and a wood pecker feeding right now.  A humingbird just appeared as I write this. So it came down to this.....the squirrel vs landlord in an all out battle.
I better warn the squirrel that I have his cousin in my freezer.

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