Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fish Camp # 1 - out of order!

Ok, Ok...the guys from Fish Camp 1 complained that there weren't any pictures of FC-1!
My brother, Gary, brother-in-laws, Chris & Jim, and Gary's college roommate, Mikey-Pikey showed up the first of April for three days of Spring Steelhead fishing.

This is what the river looked like just before they arrived.  Almost Combat Fishing!

The steps were still covered with ice and a little tricky to get down.  You can see the fisherman stack up close to the coffer dam.

We hiked down river to get away from the crowd.  This is Chris down on the bend across from the Rockpile hole.  He caught a couple of fish there.


Gary likes to wade halfway across and fish close to the drift boats.  He had a nice steelhead on a silver spoon.  I was fishing just upriver from Gary.

Jim always finds a spot near the bank.  Last year he caught a huge walleye.  How did you do this year, Jim?

Mikey-Pikey shocked us all this year by bringing a brand new fishing rod and reel to camp.  I think he was using his Dad's old fishing pole the last few years.  There were fish waiting for exercise as Mikey did his thing in the river.

This year, Gary started a new after dinner tradition with is cooler full of these items.

Yes, those are jello-shots!  Gary and I came across this tradition several summers ago when we rescued 4 bikini  clad MSU students from the cold Jordan River.  They thanked us by sharing their jello shots!  ...but that is another story, nobody wants to hear it again........

Gary back the next day in same hole, minus the drift boats.  Yes, it was cold and the gloves were necessary.

We heard them before we saw them.  Two large flocks of Canadian geese flew overhead.  Why were they going south?  Maybe the weather got too cold.

Chris gets the only landed steelhead.  I think he got it down on the bend.

We were glad we didn't have to carry fish up Cardiac Hill.  Chris was the steelhead camp for FC-1.

The boys brought a ton of food for FC (fish camp) .  We had fritters and donuts, cereal, OJ for one breakfast from Mikey-Pikey.  Gary brought his favorite pulled pork dinner, Jim had a great homemade stew, and Chris brought lunch meat and other things.

Last morning it was smokey links and hot sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  We always eat well at FC.

I guess the theme for FC-1 was the golf Masters.  We toasted every good shot.  We fished, we ate, we drank, we hiked, we had fun.  Thanks guys for a great start to fish season 2011.

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