Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Spring Shots

Wow!  The weather sure stayed cold this Spring.  I have been fishing and waiting for the Steelhead Run.

I went down and got one brown trout right below the dam on a black leech. 

This is looking over the coffer dam at Tippy Dam.  Most were floating wax worms under a bobber.

This is a new friend, Dan.  He is from Waterford, MI and this was his first time steelhead fishing.  He was using his 6 weight rod with a fly.

Part of fishing is getting your gear in order.  We kept going further down stream to get away from the crowds.

After a morning on the Manistee, we hiked over to Bear Creek.  It was a hike in but nice to have it to ourselves.  The water was pretty dark and no fish .  One guy has a cabin in Onekema so we will probably fish again this spring.

I had the river almost to myself this mid-afternoon.  A nice hen hit my rubber leg nymph.  It was nice to have  a steelie on and land it.

Now I can relax and just fish.  The first steelhead of the season is especially nice.  My brother and the outlaws are coming up on Wednesday so I can at least tell them there are fish in the river.  The big questions-  Will Mikey-Pikey get a steelhead?  Will Jim just catch huge walleyes?  Will Chris find us on the river? Will Gary sleep in the pole barn in the Scamp?  Stay tuned!

Can you identify this dude in the woods?  Questions, questions...........

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