Thursday, October 15, 2009

Everything has it's season!

Yes, everything has it's season.  And now the salmon have had their's!  The fall salmon run has peaked and it is slowing down.

I could tell from the small number of cars in the lot that the season is winding down.  We had a lot of fisherman visiting this year and the container below is proof!

At least some of the fishermen are picking up their trash.  Now, down to the river.  It is 44 degrees and windy.  It has been in mid to low 30's at night.

Notice the change in numbers of fishermen.  Not nearly as many fishermen from three days ago.

I talked to and fished with this native American couple two days ago. They were having a great time.  She didn't want to stop fishing that day.

Today, when I talked to them, they had only gotten two fish and were leaving the river.

I waded down to the bend and was alone in the area.  I could see a few fish moving and some jumped every so often but no bites today.  I switched flies and moved a little bit but no action.

One salmon and one coho!  The coho are gobbling up eggs.  I saw a few small trout around but they tend to hide when the big fish are running heavy.

As I walked up the 200 steps of Cardiac Hill, I had my limit, limit of trash!  This time I took out 4 bags of trash from the Manistee River.  It will take me 2-3 weeks to clean up the mess left behind of visiting salmon fishermen.  I try to take out a couple of bags every time I fish, I guess I'll just have to fish a few more times each week!  I'll let you know when the fall steelhead start.  It is cold so maybe soon!

Tight lines!

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