Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wild Boar!

Over 1,800 lb. wild boar shot and killed in Conroe , Texas near the County Airport , East of I-45 and near the community of Cut and Shoot. Killed by a medical Radiology worker...         The guy had a 458 magnum in his work vehicle.

What would you do if this beast was coming at you? Run for dear life? Climb a tree? or simply get run over?

Pork chops for dinner?  Don't want to 'boar' you but thought it was interesting!  I suspect I'll hear from those of you with more information about these pictures.  Somehow, hunting in Texas could present a problem for some, especially after seeing these pictures.


  1. This boar was actually shot in Turkey, and it is probably less than 1000#s. See this link for more details

  2. Man, I can't get away with any of my stories. I find them on the web and then they turn out "fishing stories". But as I say, it is life as I see or hear it! ;-)

  3. Stay within the guidlines established for respectable fisherman; embellishment is expected re fish. Hog stories, on the otherhand, have absolutely no credibility coming from a fisherman.