Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall on the River

No, not fall in the river, I mean Fall on the Manistee River!  I got a new pair of winter waders for the steelhead season.  Darn ole rubber soles!  I hate them as they as so slippery.  Will have to get some "chains" for the soles!

Here is the Fall view of the path to Cardiac Hill and those dreaded 200 steps to the river.

Fall is in the air.  The leaves are coming down and maybe the steelhead are running.

This is a view of above the Coffer Dam at Tippy Dam.  There are two waders and then a boat with two guys in the middle between the two trees, and then two more waders to the right.  I guess the first run has jumped the Coffer Dam but I want to fish down below the Coffer Dam.

Not as many fishermen below the dam so there is room to spread out and fish.  I head down to the gravel bars at the first bend.  Every once in a while I see a fin or tail of a fish coming up.  I know they aren't feeding on top, but just exercising.  Now if I can get one to bite my fly!

I spent about 2 hours drifting the 'hot flies' I tied last night in class.  I told them they were 'hot flies', I guess I exaggerated a little!  I saw a few fish on and only one or two fish landed on the North side.  Why do the fish always seem to bite better on the opposite side from where I am fishing?

The Fall colors are already past peak but still look good.  They are coming off the trees and the trees will be bare soon.

I decided to give it up for the day and started out.

This shot is above the Coffer Dam and just to the left of the black spot between the trees is a ladder with a PVC pipe holding a fishing rod!  Someone carried the ladder out into the stream to fish from.  Now, I have seen something new!

Once again, I have a feed bag full of garbage from the Salmon fishermen.  The South side is pretty clean now.  I'll have to clean up the side across from the Handicap Pier next time.

Now, I have to climb those 200 steps up hill dragging a feed sack of trash.  OK, I didn't get into the fish but today was Day #153 of fishing for 2009. I don't leave for Key West until Nov. 19/20th so I have some time to get back in the water.  Next week, Gary & maybe Mikey-Pikey will come for Fall Fish Camp. There is always tomorrow!

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