Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pending World Record Brown Trout - Manistee River

On Sept. 9, 2009 Thomas Healy was fishing with a Shad Rap SR-8 crank bait on the Manistee River and caught a pending World Record Brown Trout and a new Michigan State Record fish.

This brown trout weighed 41.45 #s and measured 43.75 ".  Tom was fishing with guide, Tim Roller when the fish hit.  It felt  like a steelhead or salmon and only took 10-15 minutes for him to land it.

The guide is holding the fish , which couldn't be weighed on the Boga grip. The fish was caught on a 6' medium-heavy rod with 30 # test line.

This was the Rapala Shad Rap SR-8 that will  be sold out in all your local stores!

This is a picture of the previous Michigan State Record brown trout.  It was caught on Mother's Day, 2007 within the pier heads of the Betsie River in Frankfort.  The previous state record was 36# 13 oz.  Healy's brown trout is already comfirmed as the new Michigan State Record Brown Trout.

Here is the World Record Brown Trout from Little Red River, Arkansas.  It was caught by Howard Collins in 1992 and it weighed 40 #s 4 oz.

Healy's brown trout is a pending world record.  The paperwork is in the mail!

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