Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We decided to go out to a nice place to eat.  What better place than Benihana's!  It is on the NE corner of the island and up by the airport.  We called and got reservations for 7:30 pm.  It has been closed for a number of years and just re-opened last Spring.  We were seated at a table and told there would be other guests arriving.  You set at a table that has about 8 chairs around the huge stainless steel grill built into the table.

Another young couple from Connecticut joined our table.  Then the chef arrived.

He put on quite the performance in preparing and cooking our food.  I loved the throwing of the utensils   and catching them behind his back.  He even threw up  the tails of the shrimp and caught them in his hat!

Here he is piling the onion slices into a volcano.

With a squirt of some wine it became the volcano as it was being carmelizing.

This was my Beef Tenderloin meal.

Wait, who is that entering the place?

It is hard to see in this picture.  Just click to enlarge and see who came in.

I went over to say Hello to my old friend , his new wife, Brooke and his son.

I bet you thought I just was known as a  fisherman!!!!

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