Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Key West and the Food Network Party

Ok, I have decided to take you on a walking/biking tour of Key West.  First off, we are located just off Duval.

From my Explorer North to the white car (75 feet) is the corner of Catherine and Duval.  Molly and I walked across Duval to Tomasita's.

Molly just rang the bell for Mrs. Tomasita.  We needed more lobsters. It is so close to our house.

We got some lobsters and Red Snapper. What good prices!

She doesn't speak English very well and always rounds off the price!  Now that dinner is planned I decide to take off on my bike.

This sign is on Kelly McGillis'old restaurant where we hit Happy Hour last night.

Molly and Joey have their Margaritas before we hit Alonzo's Oyster Bar.  I want to show a few pictures of the stores and sights in Key West.

A tourist town has to have lots of t-shirt shops and Key West has hundreds of shops like this one.

Some of the T-shirts are adult only versions.  But some are nice to have to take home.

What better place to start the 'Duval Crawl' than Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Cafe and Gift Shop.  Jimmy lived here in his younger and  misspent youth days.  You can hear his music everywhere.

The Sloppy Joe's Bar has large open windows and you can hear live music playing at all times of the day and night.

I went down to Captain Tony's to get out of the heat.  I heard a voice call out to me.  Son, come have a seat.

If you recognized those lines, you are a parrot-head!

You might recognize the Hog's Breath Saloon. It is better than no breath!  Think there are a lot of bars in Key West?  I haven't even gotten started yet!

The Key Lime Pie Factory is one of many such stores devoted to desserts.  We sometimes have our dessert first!  It's great to be an adult and make up your own rules!

I bike over to the Historic Waterfront area and find one of our favorite eating places.

Great margaritas and half shells!   Eat it raw!

This place is very much into sailing!  The harbor has some great looking boats.  This Saturday is the Lighting of the Ships festival.  Key West has many celebrations.  They even celebrated the end of the Hurricane Season by the burning of the Hurricane flags!

This is part of the old Key West Cemetery.  Lots of above ground graves and several tiers of graves on one site.

Some of the graves are very old.  I read one that said "See, I told you I was sick".

The afternoon was spent on the beach.  I noticed a pirate's flag in the corner.

The Food Network was filming on the edge of the beach and lots of pirates were around.  Robert Irvine was being filmed and he always wears a black t-shirt.  He has a body like a body builder.  They filmed all day and the director's assistant (?) came over and asked if we would like to join the cast in eating the food Irvine made during the filming.

The cast and crew got in line and we were at the end.

Talk about a great 'Happy Hour'....

Here are two shots of the serving line.

Since it was Pirates Week in Key West, the crew was dressed up and we were the local color for the various shots.

This is a picture of Molly's plate.  They had Bar-B-Qued Chicken, pork, beef, and a whole pig!  Plus lobster, shrimp, lots of salads and other food was available.

Here is Joey with Robert Irvine from the Food Network.  It will be aired in March or April.  Now we will have to watch it every week so we don't miss out on the big day at the Food Network filming.

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