Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Key Stories!

We have been on a whirlwind and the activity level has reached new heights!  We found out that son, Troy and wife, Rider, enjoy biking as the main activity. We aren't going to do tourist stuff - let's go for a ride.

I know, we can bike from the Alantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico!  Here we are at the end of Duval on the South side of the island.

When we get near the Gulf, we get distracted.  Something about this lovely site is a sight to behold!

One of the obligatory fish photos.  See the tarpon.

There were about three baby 30-40# tarpon swimming near the dock.

Riding by the library we come upon the first monthly Book Sale of the winter season!

Molly and Troy each buy about 8 books.  Now they each have to get another suitcase to ship them home.

Everyone has to have their picture taken here.  It is the rule!  Once you step foot on the Island of Key West, you have to go to the Southermost Point and have your picture taken.

Then you have to immediately go and stop in front of the Hemingway House!  I guess we have to do a few of the tourist things!    Keep your eyes open for those 6 toed cats.  Hemingway had a few and now Key West has many!

Across from the Hemingway House is the Light House and Light House Inn.  Great place to see an aerial view of Key West.

This shot is waiting for a table (35 minutes) at the Blue Heaven Restaurant.

Joey and Troy have a friendly game of cut-throat table tennis or ping pong!  They are just coming off cut-throat games of Chess! 

Blue Heaven is the best breakfast restaurant in KW.  The order is in - Eggs Benedict, fresh berry pancakes, pecan pancakes, and omelettes with banana bread.   We had a great brunch.  Just building memories!

Up in the tree (above the upper deck) were a few cats and roosters were on the ground.  The outdoor patio is an interesting place to eat. Joey moved Troy and Rider's bikes so when they came out, they thought their bikes were stolen!  Bad Joey!

Back to the house and a fast game of Bananagrams.  It is a fun game like Scrabble.  Key West is really about a different pace of life.  It really isn't hectic unless you only have one or two days here. 

These are my fishing buddies for today.  I rode out to White's Pier to fish the afternoon away.  It was fun  but only small yellowtails.  If I dropped any of them while taking them off the hook, they disappeared to the pelicans or egret.  A couple rode up and started talking to me.  "We didn't see you here last year".  Then I recognized them as the couple from Ocean City that I fished with a couple of years ago.  He flew down and didn't bring a fishing pole.  "Call me, I have an extra fishing pole".

OK, I have my calendar set for Tuesday - fishing with my friend!  Ah, Key West is good.  Now home to the food on the grill!

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