Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boundary Waters Part 3

This will be the last post about the Boundary Waters trip. I will show some more pictures and tell a few stories.

One day I remember involved fishing the rapids and then deciding to move to the narrows. We were paddling the canoe over and I was in the back. I let my jig trail in the water behind the canoe as I paddled along. Just before we got to the narrows, the spinning rod jerked and leaped up out of the back of the canoe and into the water. The current took us past the spot so rapidly that I couldn't do anything. That was my 7' Shakespeare Ugly Stik with a nice Okuma reel on it. Oh well, nothing I can do about the lost rod. We went on and I fished with my other rod but didn't have a backup rod. I kept thinking about the lost rod. OK, it was only $39 for the rod and $50 for the reel. I can just replace it when I get home.

On to the narrows to fish.  We caught a few and took back a stringer for supper.

Ok, they weren't very big but remember I lost my good rod.

The next day we got a few more fish.

Now that is more like it.  Two really nice walleyes and a couple of eaters.

We had a nice fish fry and then they got tired of me whining about my lost fishing rod.  The guide asked where I lost it and I pointed out to the spot. "I know it was right before that rock."  "Let's all go over and try to get it" someone said..  I didn't think it would work.  It happened yesterday and I am not sure of the exact spot.  Everyone was bored so a new adventure peaked their interest.  As the three canoes approached the area, we spread out in a line parallel to where the rod went in.  Everyone tied on a heavy lure and we started to cast and retrieve.  What are the odds?  500 to 1.....2000 to 1....What do you think?

We tried casting for the rod for  about 20 minutes when Jeff, the guide yelled.  He had something hooked to his spoon.  It was a piece of mono line.  As we started pulling, up came the fishing rod.  I reeled in the slack line and wiped it down.  It appeared ok after the overnight soaking.  I was worried about the reel.  Let's go fishing and try it out.  Off we went. Today's reels have sealed bearings so it wasn't damaged and works great today.

It was a nice hot day and after fishing the Canadian Rapids, we went to shore for lunch.

After a snack of granola bars, PB & J sandwiches, and gatorade,we just chilled out.  Then it seemed like a good day for a bath!  It had been three days or so....

All right, guys, show us your muscles!

Someone asked about the bathroom facilities in the Boundary Waters.  Did we dig a ditch? NO. Did we have an outhouse? NO.

We just had to take a little hike back in the woods to find the 'throne'.  Believe me, we were very fast using this throne.  The bugs were so bad, we waited as long as we could before we did the nature walk.  It was in and out as fast as you could!  Once you were in position, the bugs made sure you did your business fast!  No reading matertal here.

As the last day was approaching, we were ready to head back out.  We dropped the tents and started packing.

 On the last part of the trip, just before we started the last portages, we came to the Indian Pictographs on the rocks.  It was pretty cool to think that the Indians paddled and portaged the same waterways we were using today.

You have to look at the small red figures in the middle of the rock.

At this point we only had eight portages to go.  We were almost there.  The portages were fast and efficient.  As we were coasting in towards shore, I was strapping the two paddles and kayak paddle together and getting ready.  As soon as the canoe touched shore, we hefted up the heavy packs on the shoulders and unloaded the canoe.  Scott had his pack on and picked up the canoe and headed out.  Robb and I grabbed the same gear each portage.  The other canoes were behind us.  They didn't have our system!

Near the end we saw something feeding in the water.  What was it?  Deer or Moose?

At last the final trek to the trucks.  We were tired but we beat the record time out by 25 minutes.  We got back to Ely, Mn and unloaded our gear and headed out about 4:30pm.  We only made Duluth and stayed in a hotel so we could eat, shower and get a good night's sleep before the long drive back.  I was in the back seat of a Ford 3/4 ton truck.  It was ok but you couldn't sleep.

 It was a trip of a lifetime!  Once was enough!  We agreed that we would never do it again like that.  Next time, a lodge, motors on the boats, a real bathroom, and no portages!

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