Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When the fishing gets tought, the tough go....

I went out to the pier last night from 6:30 pm to 9:15 pm.  See the pretty sun set.

See the pretty sun set even more!
And this is even later!  Are you getting the picture?
Notice no fishing pictures, no fish.
But does Donald get discouraged.   NO!   
The next morning at 4:45 am I up and out the door.  I fished until the sun came up and a little later.  Why you might ask, 'Were you catching fish?'     NO, but there is always one more cast.
  I did catch one golby and two alewifes.  I hooked one on a treble hook and tossed that one ounce lead sinker out.  Again the alewife flew much farther than the sinker.  Hooked on the alewife  # 2 and tried again.  No bites on that rod.  All the while I was casting the Little Cleo spoon.  Was I rewarded for my effort?


So what do the tough do?  The tough ........................................................

...go kite flying!
Here is the kite on the ground and the lines are spread back 100 feet.  This is my stunt kite and it has two control lines of spectra cord.
Here the two lines and handles are on the stake.  This allows me to walk down to the kite and set it up in the sand for lift-off.  The wind was low and was varying slow and very slow. I would tilt the kite back into the wind and walk back to my handles and wait for a stronger gust of wind.
OK, it is very hard to launch a kite by yourself and try to take a picture. To lift off by yourself, you have to extend your arms with the lines taut and immediately pull the strings back as you take a step backwards.  The kite will spring into the air.   
When I lifted the camera, it pulled on  one string.  Bad thing to do for a few seconds.  On the stunt kite, when you pull on the right string, the kite immediately dives right.  You are suppose to equalize and pull left to make it correct and rise.
Here I am raising the camera for a picture and the string is pulled.  Remember your kite lesson?
This picture shows what happens when you pull one string.  It dives!!!   You know what happened next.....
This is why the beach is a nice place to fly.  The sand allows the kite to hit and gently come apart.  It goes right back together and you do it again.  I enjoy the stunt kites.  It is fun to make vertical and horizontal figure- 8s.  I need someone else to take pictures.  You know what happens when you try to lift the camera and kite string at the same time!

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