Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Canadian Trip - Part 2

OK, that last picture was a gross shot.  We did have some visitors scurrying around in the night so we set out the trap line.  Every once in a while during your deepest dreams, you would hear a loud snap! It usually took a moment for it to register.   Every morning  the trap line had to be checked.   After a few days/nights, we only had to avoid stepping on the traps as we headed off in the dark night to find the back porch.

 I wonder why the grass was so dead right around that back porch!

We decided to have our meal out on the veranda this day.The maid had set a fine table of good china and the cook was .....ah!

These pictures are from Chris's DVD.  Why are there 4 tomato shots, Chris?  I think he was messing with his camera at the table and took this shot.  My pictures were on film so I have to make do with what Chris gave me.

OK, enough of this nonsense.  Let's get back to fishing.

Look closely!  What do you see?  Something strange is happening here!   No, it is not the small fish being caught.  It is how the small fish is being caught! 

Jim is taking a picture of a fish he is catching. Only true outdoorsmen want to capture every moment of the fish at the end of the line.

Now, Jim, that pike is not much larger than the lure.

Now we have a small walleye, a medium walleye, a large walleye , and a nice pike!  Whose catch was that?  Since this is my blog and how I remember things.... they must be my fish!  Any way, it's supper!

Some people ask what do you do all day up there. No TV, no electricity, no store, no women      .......... (except for six-pack Mary...again another story!).

Well actually, you are forced to observe nature, the things you take for granted some times.  One of the fond memories of being up here is in this picture.

That sound at night or during the day, cements itself into your brain.  You can hear the call of the loon and you are transported!

Enough of this stuff.  Let's go fishing.

Jim is practicing his surgical skills.

About Wednesday, I noticed tension in the cabin. Something was wrong.  Jim and Chris were acting strange.  They didn't seem to be their selves.  Something was bothering them.  The rest of us tried to figure out what was going on.  By afternoon, we learned of the serious threat to the cabin.

Before the trip, we knew that our cell phones wouldn't work up here.  What would we do?  Nothing.....then we found out that for $75 we could have a satellite phone for the week.  It would cost like $4 a minute to use but in an emergency, it could bring help.  Now the need arose and the phone was used.

We heard the roar of an engine and our call out had been answered.  The emergency had been avoided!

We were now safe.  Immediately Jim and Chris were happy and smiling.  That $75 phone and a 4 minute call brought the plane to us carrying the only thing standing between sanity and insanity.   Yes, $90 bought us two cases of beer!  Special delivery and right on time!  Now assured that Jim and Chris would make it to Saturday, we all rejoiced.

The plane returned to base and we returned to manly things.  The things that men do away from home, up in the woods, and away from it all.  We went fishing, again!

Next installment will include fish, food, danger, and a wild woman in camp!   Will Bill and Don retain their legendary fishing status?  Will Mikey earn a new camp name?  Will Jim &  Chris make it until Saturday?  Will a dangerous situation cause injury?   Stay tuned for Part 3!

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