Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boundary Waters Part 2

We finally arrived at our campsite about 3:00 pm and started unloading the canoes.
We had to set up camp and get firewood and drinking water before we could fish. We had three people in each tent and and a large screened tent for extra gear and a place to socialize, play cards, etc.

Now it was time to head out on the water. We got our fishing gear and paddled out to explore the area. It was beautiful and the weather was good.

We had many options. Since we wanted to try for walleyes, we head to where the land narrows and there is a flow of water between the large bodies of water. We used leadhead jigs and some minnows that we brought in with us.

We move around and explored and soon it was time to head back to camp and see what Jeff, our guide, had going for dinner. He used a huge iron skillet to make the fried potato slices. Then he cooked up steaks over the fire.

We ate well all week. It was amazing what he brought in the way of food. Of course fish was going to be our main meals after this. We had to have enough wood cut from fallen trees to cook three meals. Breakfast would require a pot of water for the coffee and then it was eggs, hashbrowns & bacon or sausage every morning. Lunch would be a cold sandwich, fruit, granola bars and maybe left over fish.

We would fish in the evening and early morning for walleyes and in between we would get bass and pike. You could fish as little or as much as you wanted.

Robb gets a nice bass on a top water lure. He used large lures and made me a believer! I had several pike swallow my medium poppers and lures. I'm convinced!

Breakfast was about 8:30 am and lunch whenever you wanted to come in. We set the time for supper at 5:30 or 6:00 pm so you could plan when for evening fishing, if you wished.

Jordan was a mean sawing machine! We would haul logs back in our canoes every day. We liked a campfire but we needed wood for breakfast so it took some planning. A couple of nights, a big and long campfire meant an early morning wood run. We were on the border between Canada and Minnesota. We were not suppose to set food on the opposite shore (Canada). Guess where we always spotted more dead wood or fallen trees? If you get caught, you lose all your gear and also get fined. Not many rangers were paddling out 24+ miles from the nearest town. No motors are allowed in the Boundary Waters. We felt safe and we always had firewood.

A couple of days later, we decided to fish even though it was raining. The fish don't mind, they are wet anyway.

The rain continued most of the day. Do we like to play in the rain? A picture is worth a 100 words!

It rained, and rained and rained! Is it going to rain forever? Stay tuned. Boundary Waters Part 3 will cover what happens next.

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