Wednesday, September 30, 2009

World Record Muskie - Torch Lake Sept. 27

On Sunday, Sept. 27, Kyle Anderson caught this 50 # 8 oz Great Lakes Muskie in Torch Lake.  Torch Lake is just NE of Traverse City, Michigan.

The muskie was caught on this 9" Musky Magnet.   The 50 #s Maxina green kline had a 3 foot leader of 100 #s Trilene.  The fish hit 50' behind the prop wash at 7:30 AM.

The old World Record was 48 #s was from a fish caught in Lake Skegemog, which is just downstream of Torch Lake.  Torch Lake is 18 miles long and has a depth of 300'.

The fish had been tagged by the DNR before and their picture shows it was same length but 5 #s heavier.  This female had just spawned and wasn't weighted until 7:30 pm when they could find a certified scale large enough to weigh the fish.

A World Record Brown Trout was recently caught in the Manistee River.  Michigan is for fisherman!

*you can check it out on Field and Stream website!


  1. ....that fish is ....just sick...i tell ya im speachless just look at that beast

  2. hmmmm....

    #1 - muskies spawn in the spring not september

    #2 - current wold record is waaaay more than 50 lbs.