Monday, September 7, 2009

A Greener Pier!

I left the house at 5:23 am and headed for the pier.  It was very busy the last few days.  As I arrived I noticed only a few cars.  I walked out in the moonlight to the end of the pier or rather 3/4 of the way out.  I hooked on my glo Little Cleo spoon and used my light to charge it up.

Cast, retrieve, cast, retrieve.....and so on. About 6:30 I had a hit and immediately the fish took off up river.  After the first long run, I tightened the drag down and he headed back out to Lake Michigan towards Milwaukee.   That was the WRONG direction.  I had him/her hooked on the inside left jaw and he/she was heading out at such an angle that the hook popped right out!!  It was a nice fight in the dim light of dawn.

The lake was dead calm and warm.  No wind!  No waves.  No fish.  Well a few fish were caught.  I used the Sabki rig to catch a fresh alewife.  This was the first time I tried to use one to catch a salmon.  After all, the salmon were feeding on the alewifes.  I tossed one out and kept casting with the other rod & spoon.

After 30 minutes and no bite on the alewife, I brought it back in to check on it.  Yep, he looked lively and fresh with the size 4 treble hook near his tail! I decided to try to toss it farther out.  I heaved a little harder with the rod.  The weight flew out about 100 ft. and the alwife flew about 200!  So much for my one and only alewife.

This is a picture of an alewife that I caught on the spoon from the other day.  They are 5-7" long and the salmon are all over them right before they enter the river.
I did manage to have 5 salmon on and landed 4!  I lost the big one and caught 4 small smolts on my Sabki rig as I fished for alewifes.  Nope, today was just a day at the pier.  A nice day.
I decided to do my random act of kindness.....pick up trash before I left the pier.
This was my catch of the day!  Lots of people stay out all night and fish. It is called fishing...not catching!!!

At the parking lot a guy came over asking if I had jumper cables.  "Yes, I do."  I did my second act of kindness!  This is also the second jump that I have given another fisherman in the last 3 days.  Fisherman are so excited to arrive at the parking lot, they forget to turn off their lights!!  Go figure......

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