Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fish Shots!

Wow.  I've had over 100 views/hits on this blog.  Thanks for looking!

I am hoping for some pictures of people with their pictures of fish.  As they arrive I'll post them here. 

For now, here are a few to start.

I was fishing in March for steelhead with flies and caught this walleye.  Not too big but fun to catch.  First walleye on flies!

Jim got the big walleye and wasn't happy about having to release it.  Season wasn't open yet!

Finally a spring steelhead.  Nice bright colors on a cool day in early April.

My daughter, Molly, fishing in Key West.  

A pike from Bear Lake while bass fishing.

Another winter steelhead on flies.

Greg with a bass from Bear Lake on a spinner bait.

Gary with a steelhead caught on the Manistee River.  Probably 2007.

A few reef  fish from Key West.  I also caught a crab on my hook and only kept the claw.  They grow back, you know!

This is the after photos of the fish above.  Fresh from the grill with veggies.

My brother, Gary, and I rented an ice shanty on Houghton Lake.  This perch only cost about $30.....that is 1/2 price for the day of fishing.

OK, was my dink bigger than Gary's dink?  $40 for the shanty, $15 for bait, out-fishing my brother by 1/8"....priceless!

Cousin, Tim, with a brown trout last spring.on the Manistee River.

Cleaning smelt in the UP!  Started at 10:00 am and just finishing up at 3:00pm.  That was 5 five gallon buckets!  We had fresh fried smelt for the next few days!

Drummond Island perch from the 1960's!  One of our first perch trips with my Dad and his buddies.

My brother, Gary, and Dad on Drummond Island.

8-24-09 - First salmon of the fall.  Caught it off the Manistee Pier with a Glo Little Cleo in the early AM.

Gary with a Traverse City Bay Lake Trout.  Gary caught a mess of those 'greasers' this year.  The season closes in 7 more days.  Get fishing, Gary!

OK, you've seen this fish before, but I had to show another fish!  Second 2009 salmon off the Manistee Pier.

Charlie caught a bunch of brown trout in Sept. in the Manistee River.

Scott with a nice Boundary Waters walleye.

Robb with a Boundary Waters bass.

That is a sampling of fish shots.  If I get any from you, here's where they will turn up.  So, go fishing!

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